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About Dr Wendy Staak

Wendy Staak

BSc(CHS) BCM(Unani Tibb) BCM(Phytotherapy)

Wendy Staak is a Registered Unani Tibb and Phytotherapy Practitioner practicing in Muizenberg, Cape Town.

She can assist patients with herbal medication, tissue salt therapy, facial analysis and cupping. She practices Unani Tibb medicine which is based on ancient Greek and Egyptian practices that looks at each person as an individual made up of mind, body and spirit.

She is trained in the same diagnostic skills as orthodox doctors and combines this knowledge with a holistic understanding of disease.

  • The cause of the disease is treated, not only the symptoms. Herbs are used to restore balance in the body and to mobilise the body’s innate healing powers
  • The first consultation will take at least one hour
  • The treatment will be tailored to suit the individual. It will include a herbal prescription, minerals as per deficiency and/or a humoral massage followed by cupping therapy (wet or dry) and/or heat therapy.
  • Lifestyle factors will be discussed: Nutrition, Exercise and Rest, Elimination, environmental air and breathing, emotional factors.
  • The scheduling of a second appointment depends on the needs of the patient.

She has been a Unani Tibb practitioner since 2009 when she qualified at the University of the Western Cape with a double Batchelor’s degree (5yrs) and in 2014 she completed a 2yr specialisation in Phytotherapy (Western Herbalism).

She is also an avid sportsperson, especially enjoying road running (completed 13 Two Oceans ultra-marathons) and lately trail running, and therefore has a huge interest in treating sports injuries as well as any other illness conditions that patients may have and for which they may want to consult with their doctor.

Dr Staak is a member of the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa and has served on the Professional Board for the last 6 years. She is active in Western Cape branch of the South African Tibb Association and is on the exco of the South African Tibb Association.

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